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It takes a lot to be a good parent.Listening,love,guidance,discipline,time,and money. Those are just a few qualities of being a good parent.Everyone may not agree with me.But that's just my opinion. I would like to start off by saying listening and love is the main thing to me. When you hear your child out and listen to what they have to say then they know that you love them. A lot of parents don't do that. The reason for that is because of the simple fact that the parents may feel that what that child is talking about is irrelevant . Then that's makes the child feel as if they are unwanted or unloved and that the parent doesn't care because the lack of listening and understanding. When a parents show that they love their child unconditionally and they they don't mind to hear there child out then that helps the child grow.It makes the child feel special and loved. Growing up and becoming a young adult is hard unless you have the correct discipline and guidance.When a parent takes the time out of their life to guide their child and show them the right way to success that's being a good parent.It takes time for that's and there are a lot of things going on in this world so its a lot that the child has to learn.Showing and telling you child right from wrong is also part of being a good parent. They won't know unless you show and tell.It takes time for all that,by doing those things the child will see a know a good parent. Money is a really important thing. Not everyone has money but you need money to have a child. You have to buy food and cloths and have shelter for the child. It takes money for that. Nothing comes free. Striving to do what u have to do make sure that you have a clean healthy child is good parenting. Not only do you have to worry about food,cloths, and shelter but you also have to worry about medical bills. It is very important to take your child to the doctor to get a check up every once in a while. Especially when its time to go to...
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