Good Old Boys Club

Topics: Management, Old boy network, Employment Pages: 4 (1706 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Good Old Boys Club
In this paper I will talk about the challenges that you deal with in the, “good old boys club,” and give solutions for dealing with it. In this paper I will talk about the problem I am dealing with in regard to this system. Then I will talk about the organization in which this problem is occurring. Then lastly I will talk about how to better deal with this issue that many people deal with. The Problem

What is the good old boys club exactly? When I first heard this saying as a child I thought it was just old men hanging out without their wives, just kicking back smoking a cigar. But times have changed and so has the good old boy club. Now the club I’m talking about includes men and women. See I work in the military and so our club is not exclusive to just men. In the club I’m talking about it includes all races and both sex. At my job you can exactly who is in the club because they can do anything they want. Now the workday is suppose to start at 0615 every morning in our office, but for the good old boys it really starts around 7. In my job our daily routine includes ordering part that are needed to fix the F-16 fighter jets so they can fly their missions. We also take the broken parts, inspect them and then take them to be shipped out were they will be fixed. Now these jobs are pretty much suppose to be done by all of us. But each of us all has our specialty jobs that we work. Now my office includes myself, my coworker Melissa, Enrique and our boss. It’s an office just like any other office and people know their jobs and are expected to do them. The problem is that certain people feel like they do not have to do their job and can leave when ever they want to go run errands. Now running errands happens but only certain people can get away with doing this during the workday. Another issue I have is people sitting at their desk and shopping instead of helping out. Like I said earlier I do not have a...
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