Good Night Mr Tom

Topics: Love, Love Conquers All, Goodnight Mister Tom Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: March 19, 2011
In Michelle Magorian's prize-winning novel, “Good Night Mister Tom”, it is evident that love conquers all. Set during the Blitz in London in the 1940's, Magorian tells a story of a 'thin and sickly looking…' (pg 10) boy named William Beech who is evacuated from London to Little Wierwold to live with a, reclusive, old man, Thomas Oakley. As William and Tom begin to understand each other more, the notion that love conquers all becomes apparent thorough Tom's changes in personality, Willie’s acceptance of love and Tom’s kidnapping Will from the hospital. After years of physical and emotional abuse by his mother, whose intent was to '[beat] sin out of children', Willie finds it difficult to accept love as he had never experienced true love. Tom on the other hand had lost his wife and son many years before. As a result of the deaths, he has become unsociable and had a very irritable character. Love is shown to overcome Tom’s ill-tempered manner. His personality has been affected by the loss of his wife and son many years earlier. By caring for Will, Tom changes from a gruff, unsociable man to a gentle, understanding person. Firstly, Tom’s attitude to Wille alters when he learns of his past life. Thus, Tom adjusts his way of living to suit his new family member. Another element that contributed positively is the fact that Tom teaches Willie how to write. This helps Tom understand Willies’ personality more, and consequently, is able to keep their relationship strong. Furthermore, when Tom plays the piano at Will’s birthday party “there [is] a murmur of surprise and enthusiasm in the hall” because Tom had not touched the instrument since the death of his family. As a result love is shown to conquer Tom and his irritable character. In the face of love, people find it easier to express themselves. Willie finds it almost impossible to accept love, but after meeting Tom, Willie's personality flourishes under Tom's guidance. For example, when Tom first introduces Willie...
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