Good Night and Good Luck

Topics: Joseph McCarthy, Edward R. Murrow, See It Now Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: March 22, 2011
Good Night and Good Luck

The movie Good Night and Good Luck is about Edward R Murrow and CBS news in the 1950's before they created 60 minutes. One of the biggest ethical questions they faced was, were they communists? This was right after the Red Scare (McCarthy Hearings) and most journalists were vigilant with their work, due to that. They did not want to be accused of being Communists and lose their hard earned jobs as reporters. They did not want to be labeled communists and then lose their occupations due to that problem. They were analytical reporters, much like you see on 60 Minutes today; with the exception that we, as a whole, were not a media oriented society as we are today. The movie is not about how Senator Joseph McCarthy was neglected but how Edward R. Murrow and his team went about his downfall. The movie is like a play, where we should have learned how people should act as journalists. In the early 1950’s, the fear of Communism created fear in the United States and one person that was exploiting these fears was Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin. CBS reporter Edward R. Murrow and his producer Fred W. Friendly decided to challenge McCarthy and really exposed him to the world. Although Murrow and Friendly were convicted they stood by their convictions and helped bring down one of the most scandalous senators ever known to the United States. Edward R. Murrow was a legendary 1950’s news reporter on CNS. He was famous for ending each television broadcast with the line “Good night and Good Luck.” He was famed for broadcasting eyewitness reports on important issues around the country and was a great public speaking figure. He always smoked a cigarette during his shows which was a major advertisement for the smoking companies. Murrow seems to be fearless, always standing for what he believed was right. Murrow and Friendly’s work and their behavior reflect reality in most ways, although this was at a time when you could actually smoke on...
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