Good Morning Vietnam

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Good Morning, Vietnam

Good Morning, Vietnam is a comedy that shines a different light on Vietnam. With many serious parts in it as well, it was a well-rounded humorous film. The audience is taken through Saigon with a radio broadcast, an English class, and the everyday battles faced by everyone there. Humorous and heartfelt, Robin Williams plays an amazing role and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in Leading Role.

Robin Williams plays the main character, Adrian, who comes to Saigon to be a radio host. In the film, Adrian becomes very popular among the troops. His radio broadcasts are very humorous and he stretches his boundaries with the music being played. Adrian performs his own improve acts and mocks many well-known people, like the President. Robin Williams continues to cause tension with his superiors throughout the whole movie. Lieutenant Hauk threatened him with what was being said countless times and finally later suspends him from his job as radio broadcasting. Major Dickerson decides to take over the job himself and ends up telling bad jokes and playing polka music instead of rock-and-roll. Hauk is swarmed with letters and phone calls from soldiers demanding to let Adrian back on the air.

When the movie begins, Adrian is hooked on a woman. Every Vietnamese woman he sees he believes it is her. Finally he meets one names, Trinh and follows her to an English class. Adrian takes the class over and teaches American slang. He becomes friends with Trinh’s brother and takes him out for drinks. A fight arises in the bar when two U.S. soldiers get angry at Adrian for taking their girls away from them. The two soldiers ask why the “gook” is there, referring to Trinh’s brother. The fight escalates quickly throughout the whole bar.

There are many similarities I saw from what I have learned. The vulgar language that is used and the improper manners stood out. The men lost all sight of what was right to say to women or each other. One...
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