Good Men

Topics: KILL, Hazing, Rite of Passage Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: April 6, 2011
Francis AgbebakuMarch 07, 2011
Prof. MurrayEngl-1020
Essay #2
A person usually undergoes rites of passage when they choose to become part of a certain group. When the rites of passage is completed then they are prepared to be initiated into the group, in the two stories read in class I noted two examples of rite of passage and initiation experienced by the main character of each story first-hand. In the story “A&P” Sammy is at work and identifies his rites of passage when three un-conformed females enter the store and steals his attention , when he see his manager mistreat the girls he feel he must quit in order to gain his un-conformed independence and join the group. In the story “Doe Season” Andy the daughter of a hunter has her rite of passage when she is instructed to kill a doe, if she correctly kills the doe then she would be initiated into the group of hunters which would bring her closer to her father. When someone completes rites of passage going into initiation, it could give birth to a new lifestyle and responsibilities.

In the story “A&P” the main character Sammy was at a typical day at work when three female customers find their way into the store. When the girls walk in Sammy attention was quickly caught by the females and their different choice of clothing. The females are dressed in bathing suits but the beach was 10 miles outside of the town that they lived in. Sammy says it was their act of non-conformity that drew his attention. Sammy did not want to grow up and end up like his co-worker Stokesie which had a wife an two children but still worked at the A&P grocery store, but that’s the road Sammy seen his self drifting into. To Sammy the girls represented something bigger than just rebelling against the rules it was that they represented excitement inside of his boring town. The excitement that made his boring life more interesting, an exciting life that would pull him from his irony fate of growing old and having a...
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