Good Life Essay Rough Draft

Topics: Gene Weingarten, Personal life, World Pages: 4 (1134 words) Published: November 11, 2014
Kayla Henrie

Throughout the history of our world and into today, the costs of venturing beyond our own community is becoming increasingly difficult. Although one may think that globalization would allow us to easily venture out of our own comfort zone, often times this notion has the opposite affect. It is beneficial for an individual to step outside of his or her community both physically and ideologically because much can be acquired through both feats. We Americans are continuously stimulated by the digital world, which surprisingly, shrinks our world of relationships by allowing us to remain in our own comfort zones.

Comfort zones are of upmost importance to numerous individuals. It is rather difficult to find an individual who is confident enough with oneself to step out on a limb and explore other communities. This is perfectly characterized through both Gene Weingarten’s “Pearls Before Breakfast” and Hal Niedzviecki’s interview on “The Peep Diaries”. Weingarten purposefully illustrates the common individual failing to open their eyes to the outside world, through their apathy to the absolutely exceptional music being played by the famous violinist right before their eyes. This elicits the fact that is extremely challenging for the average American to not only explore other worlds, but nonetheless, having an awareness of the outside world is not an easy feat either. Weingarten makes us aware that it is a shame that the average person is too busy in his or her daily life to even remotely notice the flawless music being played in a station. In “The Peep Diaries” Niedzviecki convinces the reader that we are blinded by our own social media worlds. Not only do we fail to gain meaningful relationships through our engrossment with the digital age, but also we stay locked into the shallow world, afraid to explore and recognize the beauty that this world has to offer beyond the single-dimensional technological world. Social media becomes an...
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