good leadership in business
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Good leadership in business requires many different skills especially creating a mission and providing a vision to the company. Mission refers to ‘the result that a company or an organization is trying to achieve through its plans or actions.’ ( Vision is ‘an idea or mental image of something leading to success.’ ( Mission and vision in business are two key concepts for leaders.

A number of recent articles (Cappelli et al. 2010; Useem 2010; Ladkin & Weber 2011) have explored successful leadership in business. While Useem emphasizes what business leaders can learn from the U.S. military, the articles by Cappelli et al. and Ladkin and Weber focus on good leaders of organizations in India and Hong Kong respectively. A major concern of all three articles is what factors allow business leaders to successfully develop mission and vision. Although both Cappelli et al. and Useem’s texts talk about mission, they use it in different way, however, Ladkin and Weber’s focus more on vision. This review will compare these two concepts in terms of motivating employees, having good interpersonal skills and adapting to changes.

The three articles all analyze the ways that successful leaders motivate employees. Their authors agree that employees’ inspiration is important to achieve the mission of a company. Useem points out that ‘small actions make indelible impressions.’ (p.3). The author exemplifies a real story from a U.S. general who was leading 92,000 troops in a war. Before the war, this general tried to meet and shake hands with many of them in order to inspire them and let the troops know that he cared about them (p.3). Similarly, Ladkin and Weber argue that successful leaders should motivate staff to enjoy the profession (p.282). They mention that an excellent leader should be passionate in his/her job and hire suitable employees to a required position because people who are interested in their job will

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