Good Leaders

Topics: Leadership, Skill, Positive psychology Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Good leaders are those who are of exemplary character, confident and a good communicator for example our Prime Minster. There are various types of leaders from the extremes of an autocratic leader to the laissez-faire genuine styles leader. From inspirational to transformational, but no matter the style all leaders must possess certain qualities to be successful and efficient. A leader’s job is not an easy and facile job. It is one of the most challenging jobs with huge tasks, and without specific leadership skills and qualities, it is hard to attain the desired goals. Organizations with highly enthusiastic, esteemed and skillful leaders get their goals efficiently and touch the skies of success. According to Mullins 2007, “A good leader is a person who influences the behavior or actions of other people to do things willingly.” In some cases leaders are born others are thought; in any event leaders are formed an integral part of any society. It allows people to see a sense of vision and feel a sense of belonging. Leaders hold a high responsibility and need to be verse to keep their followers. A good leader is crucial for any government, business or organization. Qualities of a Good Leader and Leadership Abilities are essential to achieve the desired goals. Different strategies and leadership styles are used to achieve the goals of organization. A leader or executive directs and guides its subordinates to achieve the goals in a specific time frame. A good leader has an exemplary character; he must, “talk the talk and walk the talk” earning him the right to have responsibility for others. His character should possess and manifest virtues such as honesty, kindness, generosity and fairness. He must lead by example, and do tasks in such a manner that seems quite flawless. He needs to be trusted and be known to live his life with honestly and integrity leading to greater mutual respect. Conversely, his credibility would be undermined and he will lose respect from those...
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