Good Guys vs. Great Guys

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“A Good Guy vs. Great Guy”

This is an editorial about guys. It’s for all the women out there who are unsure what kind of guy they have, and really just don’t know what or who they are dealing with. Be sure to pay close attention because a mistake in judgment could potentially leave you between a rock and a hard place. Some say there’s no such thing as a “great guy”, this statement usually comes from a woman who hasn’t had the best of experiences with guys, or maybe her guy. We men aren’t perfect, its possible that you lucked out and got stuck with a guy who’s not one of our better players. But pay attention to the one that you’ve got. It’s the little things that let you know. How does he talk around you? If your guy swears like a sailor around you then he probably isn’t the one for you. Does he always open doors for you? Minor things like these really make a world of difference. When your guy does these things for you, it shouldn’t be just for special occasions, like dates or something. If he does the little things, that shows that he respects you. And that’s what you should strive for, his respect. Now I’m no genus, so I don’t have all the answers, no one does. But, if you’d like to take a look at some of the characteristics of these men, they are as follows:

Good Guys vs. Great Guys on Casual Dates

This is a position for a woman who’s in a relationship already, not just meeting someone. Your typical good guy will call you up on an ordinary Friday night and ask if you have already have plans. If he’s a loser he may be hoping that you say yes, your going out with the girls or something, and that will leave him free to go and hang out with his guy friends to have a few drinks and chill. But, suppose you say no, you don’t have plans. A Good Guy may ask you if your hungry and offer to go and get a bite to eat. Now any self respecting guy knows that you don’t take your girl to a fast food drive through, unless; one, she asks for it or two there’s a mutual understanding and you both are that comfortable together that fast foods okay. But, your Good Guy’s going to take you to a cool and relax restaurant that specializes in burgers and grill food. On the way in he’ll hold the door open if by chance he makes it in first. Once seated you’ll both proceed to order. If he even thinks to order before you do, drink, food, whichever, stop everything. That’s not a Great Guy. But, this is the Good Guy we’re talking about anyway. So the meals over, of course he pays and you both proceed to leave the restaurant. A Great Guy, however, on that ordinary weekend, is very spontaneous. He’ll call you up, ask about your day, and proceed to tell you that he’s taking you out. Make sure you dress appropriately because he’s made reservations at a fine Italian restaurant. When he gets to your door, there’s no horn blowing. He should get out of the car and come up to the door to greet you. He’s a genuine gentleman, that’s what he’s supposed to do. He holds your and in the car, just a subtle gesture, because he’s missed you all day and simply enjoys being with you. Upon the arrival of the restaurant he should open your car door, but I’ve noticed that a lot of the younger women today don’t even wait for that sort of treatment, so ultimately you can control that. Inside he lets you follow behind the hot young waitress, so you know that he’s not concentrated on her. All eyes on your backside only. He suggests that you order first and will only go ahead of you if you insist because you are unsure of what you want. Note his manners at the table, how he speaks to your waitress, little stuff. When the meals finished same applies with the bill of course. Back at your house he walks you to the door, no drop offs. A sweet but passionate kiss is exchanged at the door and your off. He should call later that night before he goes to bed, wouldn’t you think that adorable?

Good guys vs. Great Guys and your friends

Good Guys get along with your friends...
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