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Social Responsibility and Good Governance


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Test I. Modified True or False.
Instruction: If the sentence is correct. Write true on the space provided before each number. If it is wrong substitute the Underlined word or phrase to make the statement right.

____________1.Politics is the art of manipulation or coercion to obtain what one wants.
____________2. When people strive to get what others also want harmony prevails.
____________3.Divine right is based on the authority of the wisest man in the community.
____________4.For the ancient Greeks. Democracy is the best kind of government.
____________5. Alfred Adler believes that inferiority complex makes one a tyrant.
____________6. Eros is that desire to build and to destroy.
____________7.Thanatos is the desire to love and to kill.
____________8. Thomas Hobbes theorized total submission of rights to a ruler.
____________9. Realpolitik is about man’s charity in politics.
____________10.Sampaloc is a fruit that signifies double-faced power-player
____________11.Socrates believes in the inherent political and cruel of man.
____________12. First among his peers is the principle in a parliamentary government.
____________13. Where every Member State is supreme in its own sphere is federalism.
____________14. Mandated delegate is free to decide on political matters. modern liberalism, government should rule less.
____________16. In alternative pluralism, the one who garners the highest votes wins.
____________17. Democratic elite model has identifiable prominent group(s).
____________18. Policy orientation approach is based on facts.
____________19. Norms pertain to social expectations.
____________20. Sematic approach is analysis of punctuations, connotations, and derogations.

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