Good Governance Worksheets

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Social Responsibility
Good Governance


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Test I. Modified True or False.
Instruction: If the sentence is correct. Write true on the space provided before each number. If it is wrong substitute the Underlined word or phrase to make the statement right.

____________1.Politics is the art of manipulation or coercion to obtain what one wants. ____________2. When people strive to get what others also want harmony prevails. ____________3.Divine right is based on the authority of the wisest man in the community. ____________4.For the ancient Greeks. Democracy is the best kind of government. ____________5. Alfred Adler believes that inferiority complex makes one a tyrant. ____________6. Eros is that desire to build and to destroy. ____________7.Thanatos is the desire to love and to kill.

____________8. Thomas Hobbes theorized total submission of rights to a ruler. ____________9. Realpolitik is about man’s charity in politics. ____________10.Sampaloc is a fruit that signifies double-faced power-player ____________11.Socrates believes in the inherent political and cruel of man. ____________12. First among his peers is the principle in a parliamentary government. ____________13. Where every Member State is supreme in its own sphere is federalism. ____________14. Mandated delegate is free to decide on political matters. modern liberalism, government should rule less. ____________16. In alternative pluralism, the one who garners the highest votes wins. ____________17. Democratic elite model has identifiable prominent group(s). ____________18. Policy orientation approach is based on facts. ____________19. Norms pertain to social expectations.

____________20. Sematic approach is analysis of punctuations, connotations, and derogations.

Test II.Matching Type
Match the statements, principles, and theories in Column A with their authors, proponents, or theorists in Column B, Write the letters only.

Column A Column B 1.”Might is right.”a. Undemocratic model
2. Democratic in form only b. Mandated delegate
3. It upholds the rule of majorityc. Classical liberalism 4. “Inferiority complex makes one a
Tyrant.”d. John Stuart Mill
5. He must represent only what his
Constituents want.e. Pragmatic
6. Believer of the necessity of inequalityf. Qualified Majority 7. Truth changes.g. Empirical
8. The basis of all laws.h. Pluralist model
9. The principles behind government
policies.i. Qualified majority
10. Letting others do what they may not
Want doingj. Constitution
11. “Who gets what and how?”k. Social contract theory 12. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute
Power corrupts absolutely”.l. Jean Jacques Rousseau
13. The Greek small communities’m. Voltaire
14. A required vote more than simple majorityn. Governance 15. Implementation of laws in the
administrative level.o. Lord Acton
16. Use the religion to subdue and unite
people.p. Politics
17. Proponent of a democratic social
Contact theoryq. Polity
18. “The right to overthrow an abusive
government.r. Power
19. “Power tends to corrupt…”s. Alfred Adler
20. Political analysis based ont. Thomas Hobbes
evidence.u. Mandate

Test III. Essay
1. Explain why power is considered the core of politics (5 points)

2. Prove that the Philippines is a democratic and republican state (10 points.)


Name: __________________________________ Score: __________
Course, Yr., &Section_______________________ Date: ___________

Test II.Modefied True or False

Instruction: If the statement is TRUE, write T,...
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