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According to Hamdan Adnan (2004), as the expert in communication and relationship building, the government public relations practitioner’s role in the development and maintenance of good governance has become increasingly crucial. Governments are expected to provide high quality services that citizens appreciate or value, provide for measure and reward for both organizational and individual performance (including the introduction of Key Performance Indicators/KPIs), recognize the importance of human capital development, receptive to competition and remain open-minded. Good governance is also seen as being participatory, transparent and accountable. Good governance embraces a set of relationships between government and citizens.

According to the former Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia, Tan Sri Abdul Halim Ali, there seen to much confusion among civil servants as to what “governance” really means in terms to its definition. To some “governance” is just another word for “government”, i.e. the formal institutional structure and location of authoritative decision making in the modern state.

Good Governance

The term ‘governance’ has been derived from the Greek word, kybernan, meaning “to steer and to pilot or be at the helm of things.” American Heritage Dictionary (2000) defines governance as “the act, process, or power of governing”. In short “governance” means the process of decision-making and the process through which decisions are implemented.

Thus, good governance refer to a system that is transparent, accountable, just, fair, democratic, participation and responsive to people’s needs. There must be consensus-building among the various concerned sector with the aim of improving the quality of life of all citizens. Consequently, good governance is one of the approaches towards achieving our Vision 2020. It is most encouraging to know that the present Prime Minister and the Chief...
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