Good Governance

Topics: United Nations, Development, Economic development Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Good governance is a precondition for economic development. The quality of governance plays a vital role in the economic development of countries. The need for good governance is widely recognised in today’s discourses on development. The exhortation for good governance to achieve economic development is widespread. Last week we quoted President Obama who said that what Africa required was not strong men but strong institutions and good governance. President Obama who underscored the importance of good governance to achieve economic development in African countries would no doubt prescribe the same for other countries as well.

Even among those who agree that there is a relationship between good governance and economic development, the nexus is not at all clear. Although it is said that governance is a sine non qua for economic development of developing countries, the precise connection is unclear. It has become a key issue in the current election though the focus is narrow and only on some particular aspects of it, especially corruption. Current economic thinking is that good governance pervades nearly every aspect of administration.good governance is seen as the supervision and management of society’s resources for use in promoting social and economic development. Good governance implies respect for human rights, democracy, pluralism, open public debate, rule of law, competent public administration, elimination of corruption, and sustainable economic development. Good governance can only be secured through a strong sense of national obligation. Fundamentally I emphasize that the developing countries themselves are responsible for taking the necessary steps to implement the reforms that can promote good governance and foster development.

However, lack of resources and capacity often means that many developing countries have difficulty in efficiently delivering basic services to their populations and in implementing and sustaining the reforms necessary for...
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