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CBSE Guide on Class 10 Social Science Disaster Management Project - Pocket Guide on First Aid


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This article contains the write up for the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Project - Pocket Guide on First Aid. The question for the project is - Prepare a pocket guide on First Aid for your school. The First Aid pocket guide should contain aid that needs to be given for fractures, poisoning, cuts and burns, heat and cold wave and other threats that are prevalent in that area. The content shared in the guide should be supported with adequate pictures so as to give a clear and elaborate understanding about the topic. Choose awareness campaign strategy for either senior citizens or illiterate people and prepare a brief write-up.

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For the successful completion of the project, I would like to thank first of all my social science teacher [teacher’s name] who introduced me to this project and incepted me with the idea of how to proceed with the project. This project definitely would have not been a successful project without his assistance and vigilance. There are many other people whom I would like to thank. First of all I would like to thank my elder brother who helped me a lot while I was on the go with the project. He assisted me every time I needed. I would also like to thank my parents for helping me in the project with their own ideas and suggestions. I would like to then thank [if you have a family doctor or a doctor friend], a doctor friend of mine who helped me in the project providing details about various things. Again, I would like to thank the above mentioned people. Without them, this project could not have been the way it is. Your signature. Contents

Make the table of contents according to the chapters and page number. Foreword
We know what the value of our life is. But, there are situations in which it falls in danger and sometimes, without appropriate steps that need to be taken, lives are lost. “A drop of water is more valuable to a man who is thirsty, nearing to death than a tumbler full of water when he is dead.” Yes, in most of the cases of injury, if first aid is provided successfully, the dangers to life are reduced to less than 60%. However, in most of the cases in which the injured is serious, lack of first aid leads the injured to his last breath. This project has been intentioned to be viewed as a pocket first aid guide which can be used for reference during emergencies. Readers may find guidelines, which contain steps that need to be taken to give first aid for fractures, poisoning, cuts, burns and a lot of other cases in which first aid can prove to be the life saving action. What is First Aid?

First Aid is a set of measures which need to be taken in order to prevent any further harm being done to the body of an injured person in case of an accidental injury. First aid has three main objectives – 1. To preserve life of the injured – Definitely, the main objective of providing first aid to the injured is that life of the injured can be saved. The life of the injured must not be lost just because no one was there to provide first aid – this is the main objective of first aid.  

2. To prevent deterioration of the condition – The first aider needs to make sure that the condition of the injured does not deteriorate otherwise the first objective might fail.  
3. To promote recovery of the injured – If the first and the second objectives are successfully met, then the first aid provider must try to take the injured to the doctor in case of availability. Otherwise, he / she must try his best to do what he / she can do in order to support recovery of the injured. Essence of a First Aid Kit

To provide the needy with first aid properly, one needs to have a good first aid kit which contains the essential things which might be...

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