Good Decisions That Went Bad- Mba

Topics: Decision making, Cognition, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: March 1, 2007
Good decisions that went bad?

1. How many decisions made by Stubbs can you find in this case? How would you rate each? This case presents 4 main decisions witch I rated from 1 to 10 scales: Decision 1: to borrow $151000 and to buy Yellow Cab franchise. I find this decision to be a good one. The final result, bankruptcy, is due to other decision. I rate this decision with an 8. Decision 2:adopting the "good as gold" policy. This is also a very good idea. I rate this decision with 9. Decision 3:vouchers system. This proves to be a very bad decision. I rate this decision with 3. Decision 4:ceased to offer dispatch service. Another very bad idea witch pushed the company into difficulty. I rate this decision with 2. We could also consider decision to borrow the $ 151 000, and the decision to declare bankruptcy. But as the case study provides no information about the context and if any alternative were possible, I cannot rate them.

2. Which of the decisions do you think went wrong? Why?
From those presented above I consider very bad decisions:
Decision 3: Not only that it brought financial issues, it created animosity among the drivers. This decision affected his financial status, his credibility and trust among the drivers. Decision 4:A short analyze would have shown the negative aspects of such decision. It was very easy to predict what followed. Because of the customer-oriented policy, clients had direct contact with the drivers, witch they followed.

He enforced the customer's relationship with the drivers and then he excluded the drivers.

3. How would you describe Stubbs's decision style? Explain your answer. I believe Stubbs has a behavioral decision-making style.
In the way of thinking he is more intuitive and he doesn't take many alternatives into account when making a decision.

4. What did you learn from this case about decision making? Seeing one more example of not well prepared...
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