Good bosses

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A good boss

Good bosses should have three qualities. These qualities are very important in order to be an excellent supervisor. First of all, good bosses have to be fair, they have to treat all employees the same. The second quality is to be responsible. The last and also the most important quality is to be loyal. Firstly, good bosses must be just. For instance, my friend was late last week and she received a written warning. However when another employee arrived late her boss did not say anything to the other employee. In this case we can say that her boss was not fair. The two employees should have received the equal treatment. The second quality is to be responsible. If the boss is asking the employees to assume some responsibility, they have to set a good example. If the boss requires that his/her employees be on time, they must be on time as well. Finally, the last quality is to be trustworthy. This attribute is the most important because if the employees have a boss who is honest and shows that they can trust they will enjoy their job. For example, I have been working since 2006 for a Non-profit organization at the finance department and the reason that I keep working there is because my boss is totally trustworthy. In conclusion, good bosses should have these three qualities. Good bosses have to be fair, they have to treat all employees the same. They have to be responsible, setting an example for their employees. Lastly, good bosses must be loyal. These are the three important qualities good bosses must have.
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