Good Boss or Bad Boss

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Good Boss or Bad Boss
Making That Decision Where to Work

Ever have one of those days at work and just wanted to tell the boss “I quit” because he does not appreciate anything or anyone? How many times has the boss said at the end of the day “thank you for coming in today, great job, see you tomorrow”? What a difference a few simple words like “thank you” can mean between wanting to stay at a job or quitting. Making that decision to stay or quit usually depends on the type of boss a person works for. A good boss provides leadership and training to their employees, but some bosses are less effective in their managerial techniques and policies.

What is a boss? A boss is defined as one who directs or supervises workers and who exercises control and authority. They have many responsibilities which include making sure the job or work gets done, rules and regulations are adhered to, and provide the necessary training to accomplish these duties. Bosses have the ability to hire new employees and fire the employees that do not measure up. How a boss handles these responsibilities can be the difference between a good boss and a bad boss. The character of whether a boss is considered good or bad depends on the perspective of the employee that particular boss supervises.

A good boss manages his employees by delegating work based on an individual’s strengths. He takes the time to learn what skills his employees have and how they can best be used and then puts that employee where they will be most effective. He helps his employees set personal goals and helps them achieve those goals. He encourages his employees to do better and when they have questions, they are not afraid to come to him for a decision. As a result, employees are much happier, extremely at ease, and far more productive. A bad boss micromanages his employees in order to feel in control of every little detail and; therefore, they resist delegating work. A bad boss...
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