Good Article vs Bad (comparison and contrast)

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Today with all of the technology around us we have many ways to find articles about information we are curious on; we can go on the internet and read articles from magazines to get information. But is all the information we get really a legitimate source that we can rely on for accurate facts? It is so easy to find bad sources that give us the correct information. A bad source isn’t one that has improper grammar or misspelled words. In fact it is an article that portrays bad references and resources and is not recent. Many current issues exist in the world today that can be used for comparing a good article and a bad article. One current issue that is really popular in the United States right now is the topic of school safety. There have been a couple of events recently where people have gotten into schools and killed students. If we had more security measures in our schools would things have still ended up the way they did? It’s not just external measures that schools should be worried about, but now days there are internal measures in schools going on too like gang violence. We can compare the similarities and differences of the two sources based on the statistics and facts provided, currency of the articles, and author accountability to determine which source is reliable and which isn’t. We can classify them as Source A and Source B. When exploring the internet for information pertaining to your subject of interest it is vital to obtain information for a source that is reliable. Source A was a very reliable article, due to the fact that it not only provided information about school safety but it also gave solutions on how safer schools can be achieved. Readers can recognize basic points from this article that helped them to compare it with Source B. Source A, titled “A Randomized Evaluation of the Safe and Civil Schools Model for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports at Elementary Schools in a Large Urban School District” includes surveys that...
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