Good American Citizen

Topics: United States, Democracy, Southern United States Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: August 14, 2013
AMegan Patrick

Everyone could be a good American citizen if they tried. With strength, will and passion for a better government and country. What makes it better, good American citizens is what the recipe calls for. A good American citizen is someone who fights for his country, The people who not only vote but pay attention to what they want for our country to make the best decision. The people who obey by the rules of the law and our government, Someone thats not afraid to stand up for what they believe.

We really dont think about our soldiers enough like we should. In my opinion no matter where there from or what they have done they are ultimate good American citizens. All we ever seem to hear is, "Oh we are fighting another war, There goes gas prices, and taxes." Well in the long run it really wouldnt matter. They fight for our freedom everyday as we sit over here complaining about pointless things such as gas prices and our debts. Well what if there were no soldiers fighting and we were a communists country. It would be so much worse. We would have no freedom what so ever. That is why our founding fathers fought the American Revolution to give us freedom and to make us our own nation instead of being a colony of the British.

A good American citizen always gets out there a republican or a democrat and they vote. Not just vote but know what they are voting for not just because they look a certain way they vote on who they truely believe carries the right position for the job. In my family when election time comes around my mom always talks about how important it is to not choose and go firmly on one side, democrat or republican but to do your research and find information and choose who ever fits your beliefs and what would make the United States a better country. At my work some of the people i work with was talking about elections and I heard, "im not voting for Mitt Romney because hes a Mormon" or "Im not voting for President...
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