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Topics: Spain, Assault, Crimes Pages: 7 (479 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Ana Carbó Estruch


Yesterday, listening a story on the social media about Miguel Ricart about two months after the twentieth anniversary of the discovery of the bodies of Miriam García Iborra, Antonia (Toñi) Gómez Rodríguez and Desirée Hernández Folch, I wondered why I had not written anything about the Alcasser case happened nearby town of Picassent in late 1992.

Therefore , I wanted to talk about it , because it was one of the most terrific cases ever in Spain, where I am from. Not out of pure curiosity to remember a gruesome crime, but because I think it is primarily a symptom of decadence and corruption ethics governing democracy and public opinion: it is anarchism , not nerve . In this sense, the case Alcasser hides a politically horrifying reality : oblivion conscious of a social crime that has never come to fully resolve . This terrific case that happened to Spanish girls is known as “The Alcàsser Girls” case were three teenage girls from Alcasser, a small town near Valencia, Spain, were kidnapped, raped, beaten, savagely tortured and murdered, after hitchhiking to get to a disco in the nearby town of Picassent. Here there is a picture of each young girl:

It is widely regarded as one of the darkest and spookiest cases in the accident and crime reports of Spain due to the extreme violence with which it was committed and the frightening details of the autopsies. It shocked the country from the moment of their disappearance, as their faces became omnipresent in the collective consciousness of the Spanish society, attracting much media attention.

The case was also very relevant due to a highly criticized investigation full of mistakes and gaps. DNA analysis to 15 hairs found on the bodies and clothes were performed. Twelve of them belonged to Miguel Ricart , while the remaining three were damaged and could not be analyzed . Miguel Ricart Tarrega was the only one jailed, whereas the whereabouts of Antonio Anglés Martins are not known and he is still among Interpol's most wanted criminals. That's why many observers claim that the official version was a coverup to hide the reality of the triple murder, for which several theories were considered about its main motivation, from satanic rituals to a snuff movie recording, and even including a crime made from the highest political circles.

The whole truth ten years later are :
1.There were three victims.
2.The motive was sexual abuse.
3.There were two kinds of criminals : those who raped, tortured and murdered girls and other powerful voyeurs who were part of a criminal organization. 4.Antonio Angles was killed by the organization before the appearance of the corpses. 5.The leak was staged Antonio Angles prepared by an organization with enough power and influence to impersonate and leave false trails .

Pictures of the autopsies:
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