Good Afternoon Year Twelve, I Am Here Today to Offer You an Understanding of the Concept of Belonging and the Fact That It Is Not as Simplistic as You May Think.

Topics: Emily Dickinson, Ray Bradbury, Christmas tree Pages: 3 (1082 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Good afternoon year twelve, I am here today to offer you an
understanding of the concept of belonging and the fact that it is not as simplistic as you may think. In relation to the statement, my opinion is that through gaining insights into one’s world, one becomes more disconnected to that world, though they may still appear to belong. The texts that have caused me to come to this conclusion are a collection of poems by Emily Dickinson, a unique nineteenth century American poet who had very mixed feelings on the notion of belonging. I will also speak about ‘The Lives of Girls and Women’, a postmodern novel written by Alice Munro, set in the fictional mid-twentieth century backwoods town of Jubilee observing the main character, Del Jordan, as she grows up and faces a series of challenges. Another very interesting exploration of the concept of belonging is ‘The Pedestrian’, a futuristic short story questioning the dangers of our growing reliance on technology. Emily Dickinson was considered eccentric in her time, and could have felt more at home in ours. From her mid twenties, she became a recluse, and only wore white, in a deliberate act to disconnect herself from her world, and as a result of this, Dickinson often lived in a world of poetry, Stylistically, Dickinson’s poetry is a rebellion against the norm, often employing a hymn like meter, not to praise God, but to praise the power of words and creativity. She used a telegrammatic style, earning herself a reputation amongst the male ‘literary guardians’ for undisciplined poetry, and it was only appreciated after her death that this added meaning. One of her other more significant quirks was to capitalise nouns in her works to give them symbolic meaning. Through her insight into the fact that she had something to offer by being different, she refused to simply bow to the expectations of how poetry should be written. She did, however, resent this disconnection, as she conveys in this work;

“This is my letter...
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