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AACS3244 Windows Applications Programming

Please work in a group of 4-5 people (According to the group formed in AACS2192 Analysis and Design of IS)

Weighting towards the assignment: 60%

System Proposal : Week 6
Prototyping Presentation : Week 8
Assignment Documentation & : Week 13
Final Presentation

1. Apply suitable design techniques, the concepts of programming logic and structures to develop event-driven Windows-based programs with print and print preview features. 2. Work effectively as a team to develop Windows-based programs. 3. Write programs that make use of arrays, error-handling routines and database handling.

The following is a list of 5 types of business systems:
• Leisure Club System
• Library System
• Inventory System
• Ticketing System
• Purchasing System

You are required to select a type of systems from the list, and then design and develop the selected system. Your proposed system should consist of 4 or more modules, whereby each of the group members must handle at least one of the modules. Following are the modules guidelines for you to develop a system.

* Security Module (compulsory)
The module includes Login and Logout features.

In addition, the module is able to differentiate various users’ authorisation levels. Based on a user’s identity, the system will grant or restrict the user accessibility according to his or her authority. For instance, an administrative staff is only allowed to view or add a record, while a management level staff is authorised to add, view, update and delete records.

* Staff / Member / Customer Maintenance Module (compulsory) One of the system modules must encompass to maintain people information (such as staff, member, or customer information). The module should have the functionalities of adding, viewing, editing, and deleting records from a database.

For the...
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