Topics: Trojan Horse, Trojan War, Odysseus Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Everyone wants a safe, peaceful and comfortable life rather than suffering difficuties, torture or disasters. However, people cannot imagine the joy after you get through the hardnesses. It is this that makes people stronger. Ulysses is the Greek king of Ithaca. He is well known in Greek mythology for his intelligence, such as in the campaige Trojan war. The famous war tactic he used is called the Trojan Horse, where it allowed some of his soldier to sneak into the city of Troy without notice. After the ten year war, he spent another ten years traveling back to his kingdom of Ithaca. Now, the poem “Ulysses” takes place after Ulysses has returned to Ithaca, and it shows hisstrong urge to journey again. On the surface, “Ulysses” is showng that Ulysses is strong of will since he wants to continue travelling and exploring new lands. But the case is that he has no feelings for his wife and son anymore. Significant time and distance apart does not make the heart go fonder; instead, it will change the perspective of the people involved and how they view their life. It is the king’s responsiblity to govern his own kingdom. However, the twenty years worth of time spent away from his wife, son and Ithaca has changed him. He is better acquainted with his men and mariners than his wife and son. He is more accustomed to an ever changing enviroment than the nonchanginging Ithaca environment. His war battles and combined with his long journey home also caused him unable to remain still, as if he must physically do something in order to remain relaxed. Thus, Ulysses is quickly bored in his returned position as the king of Ithaca. Line one to five shows that he feels nothing to gain by being a king that make laws to the people who do not even know him, due to him being away for twenty years. This is Ulysses rationizing why he should not remain as the king, when the true reason is that he still wants to travel, to live the way he wanted for the rest of his life. Some...
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