Gone with the Wind

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The influence cause by Gone With The Wind on film industry| Bridget Zhu Yanrui|


The Influence Caused by Gone with the Wind on Film Industry
Many filmmakers would say that there is no such thing as a movie capable of shaking the world. It does influence the world. Although it is very hard to make such a movie which can shake the world, some filmmakers still attempt to make them. In fact, it sometimes take years to realize what really a great film or what may have looked wonderful at the time but was just a momentary prosper. Most of the movies didn’t so much shake the world but become memorable because, when you look back on them, you may found that they are not good enough to be called shocked movie, they sometimes lack of deep meaning or they just born in a wrong time. But memories are short, these films may be forgotten over time. Gone with the Wind is the film which will never be forgotten over time. Otherwise, people will realize that it is great with time passing by. Gone with the Wind is one of the few movies which can be called epic film. This is the film people look at again and again with the most affection. Of course, it was based on Margaret Mitchell’s novel, but that cannot explain why it is stay in people’s mind for so long. On the contrary, it is this film made the novel become more popular than before. If the total income for Gone with the Wind were to be adjusted for inflation, it would be considered the most successful film of all time. Its characters, story, music and dialogue must be the best known of any film. Some people may not remember or know who is Rhett Butler or Scarlett O’ Hara, but they definitely know the dialogue they talk in the movie. Such as, “After all, tomorrow is another day!”(Gone with the Wind, 1939) and “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”(Gone with the Wind, 1939) which cost producer Selznick 5000 dollars to made it through the review of Hollywood. I am really love Gone with the Wind and very interested in it. I choose this movie not just only because of its achievement, but also because of the huge influence it brought to film industry. It is very representative. As a great epic film, it almost changed the way filmmaker made a film. At the golden age of the Hollywood, Gone with the Wind plays a significant role. So, my research is about to find out the influence caused by it at that time even now. Why Gone with the Wind So Successful?

Over 70 years, many filmmakers try to copy Gone with the Wind to make an epic movie. Some are great, but some are only copy the shape, which made these films seems neither fish nor fowl. There is nearly no movie can surpass it. So, why Gone with the Wind so successful? I did some research and found the following important things which matters the film: 1. The great book written by Margaret Mitchell.

2. The story and the star system.
3. New shooting techniques and new technologies have been used. It is these 3 things to be the main points which made Gone with the Wind so successful. The Great Book Written by Margaret Mitchell.

84 years ago, Margaret Mitchell began to write Gone with the Wind. She never thought of her novel will be so successful. At the beginning, she wrote the novel was not intended to be published. However, if there was no car accident, she would not have chance and enough time to write it. After 10 years wrote, Gone with the Wind was published. After only 6 months, there is one million books had been sold. This book was achieved great success. And its story encouraged many people in The Great Depression and easily captured the heart of American readers (Hiramoto, 2009). The huge success of this book attracted the Hollywood producer’s eyes. The Story and the Star System.

The story of Gone with the Wind was happened during American Civil War and reconstruction period. This is a history of Americans will never forget. When this film released, U.S. was...
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