Topics: Golf, Marketing, Target market Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: March 24, 2012
The challenge for Golf logix is to increase sales by implementing a new strategy to target direct consumers. This strategy is primarily focussed on ‘avid’ and ‘core’ golfers with the aim of increasing sales by 400K XCaddie units in the first year. Alternatives:

1. The first option for Golflogix is to implement a strategy to market the product more effectively through golf courses without worrying about direct consumers. This will give Golflogix a freedom to market their product in one segment while still maintaining the revenue growth even if there is no surge in demand at a consumer level. We believe the product is more appealing to experienced and regular golfers as it provides them a good medium to improve their game at the same time it also provides a change to the traditional golfing which might not be welcomed by all golfers. As stated in the case, the core and avid consumers use private and high end courses hence; Golflogix should target this market specifically. Also, looking at the operating cost, it is less likely that low end municipal courses would have enough budgets to introduce a new system which is high in cost and comes with a lock in contract for three years. Having said that Golflogix has a free 30 day trial for a product which I think has its pros and cons, due to the high cost in setting up the complete system, Golflogix could lose thousands of dollars just from the trial and courses not moving in a contract. For this reason, Golflogix has to change the target market to high end and private courses that have sufficient funds also change their existing strategy about 30 days free trial.

2. The second option for Golflogix is to target the consumers directly. This could be done in various ways, by marketing their product directly in malls, sport shops, online etc along with various marketing campaigns. The benefit of this option compared to previous is that the target market is much bigger hence the demand is likely to...
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