Golf Industry Case Study

Topics: Golf, Wood, Marketing Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: October 19, 2009
1.The defining characteristics of the golf equipment industry are innovative technology and name brand recognition. This industry is very competitive due to the regulations placed upon it and the diminishing growth in the number of players. The technology and research that these companies have done is so advanced that the USGA feels the need to place regulations upon the professional players so that the game is fair all around. 2.The competition in this industry is fierce since the growth is slowing. Now these companies are fighting to snatch up the new players from that very narrow window of opportunity. It seems that the new players usually start off with the least expensive brands. It seems that is the greatest competitive force for newcomers; however, for others there are many factors to be considered. The pros look at things such as surface area and angle of the club head at the striking point, a higher COR in the shaft (to produce a spring-like effect) and the differences in grips. Putting all of these factors together along with the slowing of growth in the industry certainly intensifies the rivalries between these companies. 3.The golf equipment industry has been changing drastically in the past decade due to new technological advances and regulations placed upon the PGA and other pro golf tournaments. The professional industry will not change quickly but when it does it will change for the better. That being said, the recreational industry will change quickly as long as there are not too many out there who follow the USGA rules and regulations for golf tournaments. 4.This question will be sent in another E-mail.

5.The key factors that determine the success in the golf equipment industry are the new research and innovations that these companies come out with, their loyal consumers, their image in the public and professionals eyes, the quality of their equipment, and their prices. 6.It seems that the two companies that are the strongest seem to be...
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