Golf in Uk and Korea

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Golf equipment market in Korea and UK
I am interested in golf industry therefore, I chose to do research about golf equipment market in two different countries, South Korea and Great Britain. The reason I chose Korea and UK is these two countries have great golfer population and many great players were born in these two countries. Actually Korea’s golf market is still growing and UK’s situation is already grown market. I wanted to compare the difference in these two markets and how the company such as Titleist do the marketing in these countries.

First, South Korea, golf was started to play by British in the customhouse during early 1900s. They made six holes in customhouse and it was called “golf” among Koreans. Compared to England, golf was first introduced in Korea three hundred years later than England. The history of a golf in Korea has been only about hundred years. Korea imported most equipment from Japan and Japan had major golf equipment companies through Asia. In present, Japanese brands are more popular than any other brands. By the way, the most popular ball is Titleist Pro V1, but many golfers prefer Japanese brands. In Korea, golf equipment is almost two times more expensive than United States, and people willing to buy the product with more exquisite product such as handmade. According to the article, Koreans willing to pay for their clubs even if it is expensive. They think playing golf as a luxurious sport. It is the fast growing market, companies should expect grow of the market, and they should think about the difference in language. In United States, they run advertise using perceived source like top players in PGA Tour, however, in Korea, most of the golfers are old players because playing golf is expensive and green fees are extremely expensive. Therefore, they watch KPGA tour which is Korean professional golf association tour. Many players do not recognize PGA or European tour professionals. Also in Korea, advertisement cannot compare...
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