Golf Ball That Changed the Game

Topics: Golf, Golf ball, Ball Pages: 4 (1257 words) Published: February 4, 2013
A Golf Ball That Changed the Game
Michael Roedl
University of Minnesota Crookston

A Golf Ball that Changed the Game
There are many different techniques to get a product successfully into a market, but a good use of rhetorical strategies will certainly help your product succeed. Rhetorical techniques are very important when it comes to marketing a certain product. These techniques are seen every day through television, magazines, even driving on the road. Rhetorical techniques are evident in Titleist Pro V1 commercials. The author of commercials marketing the golf ball promotes a wide variety of reasons why golfers should play the Pro V1 rather than any golf ball out there on the market today.

There has always been a very competitive market when it comes to the sales of the golf balls. Golf ball companies used to have only two options for their product. They could make a golf ball very soft that would spin a lot and not go very far, or they could make a golf ball that was firm and would go at a greater distance, but would not spin as much. In the late 1990s, Titleist changed the whole market. Titleist came out with a golf ball called the Pro V1. This ball combined the benefits of both types of golf balls. It could go far and it could have lots of spin around the greens. The reason why this golf ball became so popular is the way the golf ball was marketed to the public. The best players in the world started to use the ball. As players like Tiger Woods started to use the ball, so did everyone else. Titleist began to produce commercials that would show top PGA Tour pros using the Titleist Pro V1. Titleist used the correlation between the touring pros such as Tiger Woods using the ball to manipulate the average amateur golfer to switch to the Pro V1. Every golfer wants to play what the pros are playing, because the pros are playing the best. Other golf ball producing companies began to realize that they had to make changes as well. The golf ball technology...

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