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1. Before the experiment, you should know the materials needed to perform it. 2. Each of the members of the group must cooperate well while doing the experiment so that we will come up with better results. 3. The place where the experiment was performed must have working space so that students could moved freely and must not crowded so that each of the students could concentrate on what are doings and to more comfortable. 4. You must be focus on where the marble should bounce back to get the accurate height. 5. Our group suggests to the next students who will take this experimentation must be familiarized with the formulas in getting the coefficient of restitution.

Sports equipment
The coefficient of restitution entered the common vocabulary, among golfers at least, when golf club manufacturers began making thin-faced drivers with a so-called "trampoline effect" that creates drives of a greater distance as a result of an extra bounce off the clubface. The USGA (America's governing golfing body) has started testing drivers for COR and has placed the upper limit at 0.83, golf balls typically have a COR of about 0.78. According to one article (addressing COR in tennis racquets), "[f]or the Benchmark Conditions, the coefficient of restitution used is 0.85 for all racquets, eliminating the variables of string tension and frame stiffness which could add or subtract from the coefficient of restitution.” The International Table Tennis Federation specifies that the ball must have a coefficient of restitution of 0.94. A rubber ball

When a rubber ball collides with an immobile flat surface (like massive marble floor), the object will rebound with some fraction of its original energy. If the collision is perfectly elastic, then the ball will rebound with all of the energy it arrived with and its rebound velocity will be the same as its approach velocity. In this case, the coefficient of restitution is said to be...
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