Golf and Little White Ball

Topics: Golf, Professional golfer, Earth Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: March 14, 2013
The epitome of peacefulness and serenity is different to every human who has ever walked the face of the earth. Some might view peacefulness as laying on a beach, sun shining, and listening to the waves roll in. Others may view peacefulness as a quiet day with no worries and nowhere to be. Others still may think of peacefulness as a casual stroll through a park or garden. A day on the golf course combines all of these fantasies into one fantastic day that I look forward to on a daily basis. A day on the golf course always comes with a care-free feeling while strolling up and down hills and through trees, and most golfers also get to spend some time in the sand. Why this is so peaceful is a mystery to most. Who would want to chase a little white ball around with a stick? There are many people who would, and soon you'll know why. Before stepping up to the first tee, you must learn the proper swing. The swing starts with the grip. The hands come together around the shaft to form one single unit. From there the club head is led lowly and slowly back, not by the hands but by the body itself, which turns away from the target. Tempo in the swing is everything and will lead to perfection; yet perfection is unachievable as the body coils together at the apex of the swing. From there, a slight hesitation, a sort of "nod to the gods" if you will, and the coil begins to unwind, pulled down by the forces inside the earth. The club head comes back around to strike the ball crisply with it's own unique sound. Each swing is, of course, unique in it's own way, but if done properly the sound will never change. Few sounds are as beautiful and pleasing to a golfer as the sound of a well-struck golf shot. Now that the beauty of the swing has been revealed, it's time to step up to the tee. The view from the first tee is always amazing.
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