Golf and Gatorade

Topics: Gatorade, Tiger Woods, Golf Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: August 11, 2011
Kyle Qualizza
English 104

One of the most dominating keys in today’s business world can easily be seen through the Gatorade Company. Their products have become extremely popular to the world, keeping their competition in the dust. Ordinary businesses struggle to retain their name on the board with this eminent company in the way, and for obvious reasons: excellent advertisement.

Forty-five years have passed since the creation of this ultimate athletic drink, and Gatorade still continues to flourish. The product itself has a legendary story behind it. Many say that the University of Florida first noticed that all of their athletes could not perform to their highest skill level due to dehydration. Both professors and coaches decided to come together and find a solution to this problem. After multiple trial and error labs were performed, they finally broke through with an unbelievable item. They found something that would do more than just replenish fluids. It supplied the body with a plentiful amount of electrolytes, a task that water cannot complete (Gatorade History). With electrolytes, this beverage provided the Florida Gator football players with both energy and awareness to perform at their peak. This break-through proves to be one of the largest in sports technology today.

Now that they came up with a product, the next most important topic to discuss was advertisement. They needed to know exactly how to market this product. When Gatorade first came out, the advertisements displayed to its viewers how the efficiency level rises when you use their particular item for consumption. One of the keys to effectively advertising can be seen through repetition. Gatorade utilizes this tool through the three “R’s”: rehydrate, replenish, and refuel that marks each bottle (Gatorade). Now that Gatorade’s popularity began to rise, they wanted to expand their product across the world. The company started casting commercials with...

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