Goldman Sach - Understanding Us Economic Statistics

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Economic Research

Understanding US Economic Statistics Fifth Edition

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Goldman Sachs US Economic Research
Goldman Sachs Economic Research Group
In New York +1(212) 902 6807 In London Jim O’Neill, M.D. & Chief Currency Economist David Walton, M.D. & Co-Director of European Economic Research Andrew Bevan, M.D. & Director of International Bond Economic Research Erik Nielsen, Director of New European Markets Economic Research Stephen Potter, E.D. & Senior Global Economist Al Breach, E.D. & International Economist Linda Britten, E.D. & Global Economics Mgr, Support & Systems Ben Broadbent, E.D. & Senior European Economist Michael Buchanan, E.D. & International Economist Francesco Garzarelli, E.D. & International Economist Stephen Hull, E.D. & International Economist Sandra Lawson, E.D. & International Economist Binit Patel, E.D. & International Economist Fabio Scacciavillani, E.D. & Senior European Economist Carlos Teixeira, E.D. & International Economist Javier Pérez de Azpillaga, European Economist Thomas Stolper, Associate Economist In Toronto Mark Chandler, V.P. & Senior Economist Jason Daw, Research Assistant In Hong Kong +852 2978 1941 +1(416) 343 8793 Fiona Lake, Research Assistant Ines Lopes, Research Assistant Victoria Malpass, Research Assistant Jocelyn McCafferty, Research Assistant Sun Bae Kim, M.D. & Director of Asia Pacific Economic Research Fred Hu, M.D. & Head of Greater China Economics & Strategy Dominic Wilson, V.P. & International Economist Dick Li, Associate Economist Rita Ng, Research Assistant In Tokyo Yuriko Tanaka, V.P. & Associate Economist Takuji Okubo, Senior Economist Tomohiro Ohta, Research Assistant Ayako Ohta, Research Assistant In Singapore +65 228 8478 +81(3) 3589 8911 In Frankfurt Eva Frede, Research Assistant Dirk Schumacher, Research Assistant +49(69) 7532 1200 Thomas Mayer, M.D. & Co-Director of European Economic Research In Paris +33(1) 4212 1343 Nicolas Sobczak, E.D. & Senior European Economist Tetsufumi Yamakawa, M.D. & Director of Japan Economic Research Jens J. Nordvig-Rasmussen, Research Assistant Roopa Purushothaman, Research Assistant AnnMarie Terry, Research Assistant Philippa Knight, European Economics Manager, Admin and Support +44 20 7774 1160 William Dudley, M.D. & Director of US Economic Research Paulo Leme, M.D. & Director of Emerging Markets Economic Research Alberto Ades, M.D. & Director of Emerging Markets Bond & Currency Research Edward McKelvey, V.P. & Senior Economist John Youngdahl, V.P. & Senior Economist Jan Hatzius, V.P. & Senior Economist Marcel Kasumovich, V.P. & International Economist Federico Kaune, V.P. & Senior Economist Rumi Masih, V.P. & International Economist Daniel Tenengauzer, V.P. & International Economist Jesús Viejo, Associate Economist Demian Reidel, Associate Economist (FI Research) Pablo Morra, Research Assistant Humberto Medina, Research Assistant Richard Crump, Research Assistant Lesya Karpa, Research Assistant Melisse Dornier, US Economics Manager, Admin & Support Gavyn Davies, M.D. & Chief International Economist

Adam Le Mesurier, V.P. & Senior International Economist Enoch Fung, Research Assistant

Goldman Sachs Research personnel may be contacted by electronic mail through the Internet at

Understanding US Economic Statistics

August 2001

Goldman Sachs US Economic Research

Table of Contents
I. II. III. IV. V. Introduction A Primer on Seasonal Adjustments Which Economic Data Have the Biggest Impact on Financial Asset Prices? The Goldman Sachs Financial Conditions Index Employment, National Output, and Income The Employment Situation Unemployment Insurance Claims Challenger, Gray and Christmas Layoff Announcements Help-Wanted Advertising Index Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Personal Income Corporate Profits Orders, Sectoral Production, and Inventories National Purchasing Managers’ (NAPM) Survey NAPM Nonmanufacturing...
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