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Topics: Goldfish, Fishkeeping, Pet Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: May 27, 2013
A Man’s best friend

The days negativity rolls over me as I slump down on my couch watching my pet goldfish swimming, suddenly I relax and smile. A goldfish is a phenomenal pet with numerous benefits to offer. Some of the benefits for goldfish include low expenses, easy to take care of, and tons of positive benefit that are really worth getting this awesome pet. The thing that makes this pet unique (beside the part that is awesome) is that it’s very cheap compare to other animal like a dog or a cat. Altogether a goldfish with its fish food and a bowl and some decorations witch cost around $6-7 unlike a dog which itself cost more then $100 plus the daily dog food which cost about $6-8 every week. Also one of the other great thing about a goldfish is that it dose not need to go to vet unlike other animal so it so it also saves time and money. Lastly a goldfish could take care of him self and dose not needs pet sitters to watch them unlike other bigger animal where you have to hire pet sitters to watch your pet when there is no one around. Another benefit of having a goldfish is that you don t even have to do any real work. All you have to do is feed it once a day and clean the bowl every 3 weeks. Unlike others pet where you have to deal with animal waste and bad smell with a goldfish you don’t even have to think about those thing because a gold fish dose not stink nor it produce waste un random places. The best thing about a goldfish is that it could adapt to almost any kind of place inside the house unlike a dog or a cat where you might need to make another place for them like a dog house.

The Best part of owning a goldfish is that it very quiet and dose not disturb you when you’re trying to sleep and that quiet feeling make you calm and relaxed after your hard time at school. Unlike any other pet this pet dose not bothers or bite you like a cat or a dog. It’s a very peaceful pet witch brings peace to you family. Let’s not forget how awesome...
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