Golden Lion Tamerin

Topics: Golden Lion Tamarin, Lion tamarin, Callitrichidae Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: April 17, 2007
The golden lion tamarin is a unique animal because one of the most rarest mammels, has a pale to rich reddish gold coat, long backswept mane covering ears and has about 17 specific calls. they also have bare fingers hands and face. Its hands and fingers are long, slender and parts are webbed. The size of an average adult's length is 31 inches from its head to its body its weight is usually 2 pounds. Their scientific name is leontopithecus Rosalie.

They live in tropical forests in the coastal lowlands, cultivated areas and secondary re growth forests. they are in the top 25 endangerd because lots of there habitat has been destroyed, they were hunted for food and captured for pet trade to zoos, and biomedical research. they were also persecuted by local people who mistakenly believed that they carried yellow fever and malaria.

Golden lion tamarins have a very distinct vocalization with about 17 different and specific calls used for things like alarms, defense, and others. Their sounds include trilling for solo activity, clucking during foraging, whining for contact and long, and song like calls for vigilance. To defend itself it might scare the intruder away by calling loudly, chasing it, or showing off their manes. when defending the large male tamarins will do this.

Lion tamarins have extremely elongated fingers that are especially useful in catching insects, frogs, tadpoles, and other small creatures. These fingers may be as long as their forearm. A skin fold connects the three little middle fingers up to the central joint. Unlike most primates they have claws not flat nail they call this the claw effect, making their squirrel like vertical scrambling in trees easier. They have long hairs of the crown cheeks and sides of the neck are erectile and the mane can be enlarged at will.

Lion tamarins are carnivores; they eat fruit flowers, gums, nectars of plants, insects, frog's lizards, bird eggs and more. They have enlarged canines and incisors to help...
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