Golden Goblet Book Summary

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Chapter 1:

1.) Ranofer dreams of his father Thuthra, a great goldsmith who had died.

2.) Ranofer had hoped to become his father’s pupil one day but instead he now had to live with his half- brother Gebu who starves and beats him.

3.) He is forced to work-k as a porter, to sweep out the goldsmith shop instead of working as an apprentice.

4.) Ranofer makes friends with Heqet a new apprentice.

5.) Ibni, a Babylonian porter has Ranofer delivering wine to Gebu and Ranofer becomes suspicious that the wine is hiding stolen gold when the head goldsmith Rekh discovers gold has been stolen from the shop.

6.) He can’t expose the crime or he might be sold into slavery.

Chapter 2:

1.) Ranofer meets the Ancient an Old papyrus cutter and his donkey, Lotus.

2.) Ranofer confronts Gebu with the crime and warns him that Rekh is suspicious.

3.) Gebu threatens to make him an apprentice at the stonecutter’s shop unless he continues delivering the wineskins.

4.) Ranofer imagines running away and becoming an apprentice to Thutra.

Chapter 3:

1.) Ranofer decides to tell Ibni that Gebu doesn’t want his wine so he won’t have to carry home the stolen gold which he believes to be inside.

2.) On the way to work Ranofer recalls what symbols he had learned during his lessons with the scribe and practices writing in the sand.

3.) At work, Ranofer accepts a fig from his new friend Heqet, and then goes to his tasks of passing out the gold, and stocking the furnace. He overhears the scribe tell Rekh that the tally of weightings shows that there is missing gold again. Ranofer feels better knowing he will refuse to transport the wineskin with the stolen gold inside.

4.) Ranofer shows Heqet how to make coals then shows Meryra how to pound a bowl. When Rekh oversees, he allows Ranofer to make 50 leaves of gold for a necklace ordered by Lady Irenma’at.

5.) Jubilant, Ranofer leaves work with his friend Heqet and when Ibni approaches with the wineskin, he refuses to take it.

6.) When Ranofer comes home empty handed, Gebu beats him severely and forces him to agree to bring home the wineskins from then on.

Chapter 4:

1.) Ranofer awakes with a plan to expose Gebu as the gold stealer.

2.) Because he feels his father’s ba had brought him the plan in his sleep, Ranofer takes an offering of half his meager breakfast to his father’s grave before work.

3.) While Ranofer shows Heqet how to make solder, he confides in him his belief that Gebu and Ibni are stealing the gold, and asks him to tell Rekh at the right time. Heqet agrees.

Chapter 5:

1,) 8 days later, as Ranofer walks home, he sees people rushing scrambling past him and dashing about shouting. Something is happening. He becomes very anxious and curious.

2.) He encounters the old donkey owner who tells him that an execution of grave robbers is taking place.

3.) The next day, Ibini has been replaced at the vats.

4.) Ibni begs Gebu for intercession: Ranofer pretends to know nothing.

5.) Gebu informs him that he starts the next day cutting stone.

6.) Ranofer offers to live in the desert and cut papyrus for the sail makers if Gebu will buy him a donkey. Gebu only laughs.

Chapter 6:

1.) The next day Ranofer very reluctantly reports to Pai, the foreman, at the stone cutting shop and is given the dull job of putting cutting sand into holes so Zahotep may drill sockets in an alabaster slab.

1.) While working, he learns the slab will be a coffin lid. Next, he is set to smoothing sandstone with blocks of granite.

2.) The third day he is set to rough dressing stone with chisel and hammer. He learns o hate stone cutting for its monotony, but has to be attentive because mistakes mean mutilated hands and harsh reprises from Pai.

3.) Ranofer has no friends at the shop to eat lunch with, so he just observes the activities of the shop. Gebu comes to the shop once per day and sometime goes over some linen...
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