Golden Era

Topics: English-language films, American films, Positive psychology Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: December 5, 2012
As the women remain gathered, in N'Diayene, the strike against the French management, has evolved into a struggle for rights, not just for men, but for society as a whole. It is the women whom become the This particular passage exemplifies the women's influence not only in the struggle for equality but an uprising for women. Though many of these women are old, they still posses the strength and the will to fight and are relentless. The women are also very resourceful and very tactful as the second fight awaits them when the authorities are men on horses and Ramatoulaye speaks of turning herself inthe women regroup and strategize. As a voice in the crowd is heard yelling, "Ramatoulaye! Mame Sofi! There are spahis coming!" •Mame Safi calmly replies, "Well, we'll give them the same kind of reception we gave the policemen!" It is Mame Sofi's leadership qualities •that gives the women a newly discovered confidence. As the women prepare for the second wave of resistance, they have become •the tactful military and devise a very valuable technique as they prepare their only weapons of jugs and straw to ignite on fire and scare the horses • of the on-coming men on horses. Mame Sofi, quietly replies to her women fighters, "Now go out, and line up on both sides of the street. Don't light •any of the straws -wait until I give the signal". This passage speaks volumes about the courage of the women and the leadership •of Mame Sofi, as they successfully repel the resistance. • It is the women that are the strength in God's Bits of Wood. It is a common theme in Sembene's books and movies, that •the women are very influential in progressive change, whether it be Faat Kine being a successful business woman or Mame Sofi being a strong •symbol of military type leadership, the women are the stronghold in society and a symbol of empowerment. Though •there is a terrible, cyclical strike that plagues the land in God's Bits of Wood, the women symbolize hope and...
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