Golden Age

Topics: Islamic Golden Age, Al-Andalus, Iraq Pages: 3 (1187 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Islamic Golden Age: an
Enlightenment through the darkness of the History
The term “Golden Age” is derived earlier in history from Greek myths and sagas to represent a period of stability and often flourishing in the different aspects of society, politically, economically, and most important educationally. This term, however, was used to describe another period, which is the period of the ‘Abbasid Caliphate, around the 8th century, in the capital of the caliphate, the city of Baghdad. There are many reasons why this period became golden age. This period was an era of intellectual achievements that involved both Muslim and non Muslims scholars, and covered many aspects of knowledge such as: sciences, secular sciences, and economy. Moreover, proper infrastructure and resources were provided to accommodate this revolution. Lastly, the ‘Abbasid Caliphs and elite Muslims played an important role in forming and supporting this era. Advances were achieved in different fields. Translation movement made it possible for scholars to acquire the useful knowledge from other ancient civilizations such as Greek, Indians, and Persians. Sciences developed include math, astronomy, astrology, medicine, law, agriculture, philosophy, and literature and many of the scholars were polymaths who are skillful and have knowledge inmany aspects of science. In math for example, scholars studied greek and Indian mathematics first and then took it forward and improved it. An important Islamic scholar in the field of mathematics is Al khawarizmi , who is the founder of basics of algebra science that is used today, who is – arguably- known for the invention of the Arabic numbers which is used in the west today, and who explained the value of the zero and its uses ( In the field of astronomy, muslim scholars studied eclipses, built the first observatory, studied the movement of the planets, and tried to estimate and measure the perimeter of the earth. In medicine,...

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