Going to the Movies

Topics: Film stock, Film, Academy Award for Best Actress Pages: 1 (415 words) Published: April 30, 2008
I interviewed my grandma, Ruth Watley. She is 68 years old. The first movie she remembers seeing was “Invitation to Life” in June of 1952. Her first experience with the movies was tragic for her because of the film that she saw. She did not fully understand the movie and many of the problems the main character faced haunted her for some time. She did not go to the movies again until 1964 when she started attending the movies every weekend. The price of movies was 75 cents for one person and $1.00 for a car load. “We would hide in the trunk and fit as many people as possible in, so that we could get in for the price of one person rather than a carload… 25 cents was a lot of money back then,” she said. The first color film she saw was “The Blob” in 1964, which she hated because it scared her. As a child, her favorite movie was “My life”. As she grew older, she braved watching “Invitation to Life” again, and it became her favorite movie because she better understood the actions of the main character. When she became a young adult, her favorite movie was “Cinderella.” Now, she loves the movie “Liar, Liar.” “I could watch it over and over…,” she said. Some of her favorite actresses growing up were Audrey Hepburn and June Allison because they played such good parts so well. The only crush she ever had on a famous person was George Jones. She loved his dreamy voice. One film she would buy and watch over and over is “Pretty Woman.” She does own it, and many others which she still watches on her VCR, saying that DVDs are still too complicated for her. We counted her movies once and discovered she had over 1,000 video tapes. A movie she has watched recently was “Bridge to Teribithia.” She said that it had nothing in common with the movies she watched as a child. It was far more complex, and the developers of the film concentrate too much on the wow and not enough on the actual story. “I enjoy very few movies today. All the developers feel that it’s not a good movie...
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