Going Out for Cigarettes

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Going Out for Cigarettes Analysis
The poem “Going Out for Cigarettes” by Billy Collins is about a man who wants to get away and find solitude in nature. In this poem he is willing to leave everything behind such as his family, friends, and work for a chance to smoke a cigarette. There is a painting called “The Curious One” which was created by Antoine Morgin. This painting shows a man who is trying to escape from the city and all of the stressful things in his life such as his family. This painting and poem can be paired with each other because they both share the same concept of escape and the mood of loneliness and solitude.

The first interesting word used is distance. This word describes how the man in the poem is feeling. He wants to get away and smoke his cigarettes. He also feels distant from the world when he is unable to smoke. The man is this poem is trying to get as far away from his everyday life as he can. He is just trying to find some peace. In the painting it also shows a man who is trying to get away. He is trying to escape even though the city still surrounds him. The word vanishes is also an important word in the poem. This word indicates that the man is trying to leave everything behind without telling his family or friends of his location. The poem also uses the words alone and empty. These words are used to describe how the man in the poem feels. He just wants to be alone for a while and doesn’t want to be bothered with the burdens of everyday life. In the painting the man is also trying to vanish and be alone. It looks as if he is trying to go into a forest where there are a lot of trees. This would be a secluded area where he could just think and not have to focus on anything. In both the poem and the painting the theme is nature is present. In the poem the man is trying to escape the city and go into nature. This represents that he is trying to go somewhere that is peaceful and relaxing unlike his life is. In the poem it also looks as...
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