"Going Home"

Topics: Racism, Fiction, Man Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: April 27, 2014

“Going Home: is a short story written by Aboriginal author Archie Weller, about a young Aboriginal man named Billy Woodward who tries to change his lifestyle to white society leaving his Indigenous family and lifestyle behind. The author as used various techniques such as characterisation, point of view and setting to persuade the reader to feel angry, supressed and unhappy.

Paragraph One:

Billy Woodward is a young man who is ashamed of being an Aboriginal and so he tries to convert his lifestyle to the white culture and live like they do by joining a white football team, drinking wine and wearing expensive clothes. Archie Weller uses point of view to persuade the readers to feel unhappy towards Billy for thinking about his family and culture the way he does. Family is huge theme in “Going Home” and Billy is greatly ashamed of his. After years of never visiting them, he goes back home for his birthday to see them. From Billy point of view he thinks of them as ’His people: ugly Auntie Rose, the metho-drinking Uncle, his dead forgotten father, his wild brother, and cousins. Even this silent man. They are all his people. He can never escape’. Through Billy’s eyes, his family means nothing to him, which makes us feel unhappy because family means so much more.

Paragraph Two:

In the short story, racism is on of the major themes, and Billy encounters it twice on his journey back home. Weller uses characterisation to make the reader seem unhappy about the experiences Billy and Darcy, a family friend go through on his way back home. Billy and Darcy reach a hotel where he faces a rude, racist bartender who says to them “Will you, you cheeky bastard?” The barman looks at Bill, in surprise. “Well then, you’re not getting’ nothin’ from me. You can piss off, too, before I call the caps. They’ll cool you down, you smart black bastard.” The bartender’s attitude is extremely racist towards the two men. The use of characterisation is used to make...
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