Going Green

Topics: Recycling, Leonardo DiCaprio, Environmentalism Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: April 14, 2008
Going green can mean a couple of things. It could mean that you do your part to make sure that our world is well taken care of, or it could signify the fact that soon you will turn into a huge monster when people make you angry. But all bets off, I’m assuming the one I will elaborate more on through this essay is the latter. Popularized by celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, and vigorously advocated by Al Gore, the concept of “going green” has marked the dawn of a new environmentally conscious era. Many people, both young and old, have begun to take notice to how their actions affect their world. By offering people an inexpensive way to travel from workplace to home, or vice versa, the Metropolitan Transit System has kept more and more people off of the road, which drastically reduces the amount of man-induced carbon being emitted into the atmosphere. Typically, “going green” is seen as taking any steps available to max out the sustainability and vitality of our planet. One of the many ways people can contribute to the “Green Revolution” is by recycling paper. By recycling paper, it will eliminate the amount of paper being put through the solid waste system. It is estimated that by simply recycling paper alone, an average of 17 trees, 79 gallons of oil, and 700 gallons of water can be saved. Recycling paper also saves trees, which helps negate the man-made havoc wreaked on our environment. Trees help fend off those nasty greenhouse gasses, and the more trees we have, the better.
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