Topics: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Weimar, The Sorrows of Young Werther Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is probably the most famous German writer. He has often been called “the last true polymath to walk the earth”. Although he was not born there, he spent most of his life in Weimar in the former East Germany. Write a brief research paper in English (500 words), make sure to include the following information:

Which other talents did he possess that earned him the name polymath? Where and when did he die?
Name three of his most important novels.
Use sites you find on the Internet and remember to include a WORKS CITED section so that your teacher

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born in August 28, 1749, Frankfurt. He was not an aristocrat but raised in a middle class family. Goethe grew up close to art and literature, at age 8 he wrote a poem; at 13 he first published his very own collection of poetry. He studied law in college and opened up his own office as told by his father, but his interest was already leaned toward literature world. Since then he gathered around with other writers, focus on more variety of books, and study poetries and dramas. In 1772, Goethe stays at Wetzlar and met Johann Kestner. Kestner had a finace named Charlotte Buff, Goethe fell in love with her at the first sight and secretly admires her. After coming back to Frankfurt, he hears a news saying that one of his friend died in situation similar to his. With his experience and the story of his friend, he writes ‘The Sorrow of Young Werther’ which became popular with its publication. Goethe became famous at early twenties. In 1775, Goethe leaves Frankfurt and goes to what became his second hometown, Weimer. In this small dukedom with population about 6,000, he gains trust of Duke Carl August. Carl August gave Goethe several official positions in his court and Goethe became his chief adviser. Although he was very successful in his career, his anxiety that arose with his thirst for art and literature was getting bigger...

Cited: C.D. Merriman, Literature Network: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. http://www.online- literature.com/goethe/ 2012 December 13.
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