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Godspell vs. Jesus Christ Superstar
Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar are two very different productions based off the Bible and the story of Jesus. Though created in the same decade, the two have many differences as well as many similarities.

Godspell is a very “trippy” musical based in a city, a house, and a junkyard of some sort. This scenery is nothing like that of Jesus Christ Superstar’s desert setting of nothing but rocks and dirt, much like what Jesus would have actually lived through. Godspell’s themes and costumes seem much more like a puppet show, with the face paint, cart, outfits, people, and style, than just a musical. Jesus Christ Superstar’s costumes, desert setting, actors, and tone have a much more realistic feel to it. Godspell was a musical, one with words and dialogue as well as singing and dancing. It focused mostly on the parables of Jesus, rather than his life story. This is completely opposite however for Jesus Christ Superstar. It was more of an opera, none of the dialogue was spoken, it was all sung (with the exception of possibly one word). Also, it focused mostly on the story of Jesus’ life. Though there are many large differences between the two, there are some similarities as well. Both show the betrayal of Judas and the crucifixion of Jesus, but neither show his resurrection from the dead or his ascension into heaven. Though some people changed roles in Godspell, both musicals included a Jesus, the apostles, and Judas. I believe the musicals would not have been as successful if they did not have the correct characters needed to get the point and story across. In both musicals, the music was pretty upbeat and easy to listen too. The dancing in both Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell helped go along with the music and tell the story or parable it was attempting to portray. In conclusion, the differences between Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar are numerous. Though there are a few similarities, the differences are much...
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