Gods Must Be Crazy

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The film “Gods Must Be Crazy” illustrates the contrast between the bushman and the modern western society by the interactions between the members of the two communities. Their contrast is evident in the material culture, knowledge of the environment and approach to the individual. The film portrays these differences in culture.

The bushman lead a life of simplicity and contentment. Their materialistic knowledge is meagre. They live in harmony with the nature. They make use of resources available and live in harmony with all the species around. The pace of life in bushman culture is relaxed and slow. The Bushmen have deep respect for both the human and the non-human. They place the greatest value on the family and have strong belief in God. They never punish or speak harshly to their children but still the children are well-behaved. In the film, the bushmen shoots an animal with a tranquilizer dart and waits until the animal lays down and goes to sleep. Before taking the animal’s life, the bushman would apologize for killing it. This action of the bushman shows that he hunted the animal out of necessity compared the modern society where animals are hunted as a sport.

One of the striking aspects of the bushman is the lack of conflict among its members. The bushman readily shared food with the others in the community. They are the least selfish. In the film, the bushman is in search of his children, but still he finds the time to help the man who has fainted because of lack of water. He gives him the necessary treatment and then returns to find his children.

Another difference in the culture of the Bushmen compared to the modern western society is the lack of fear of strangers and never expects the worse from others. This is illustrated in the scene where the bushman is not afraid of the gun and he picks it from the hand of the stranger. Those characters in the film, which came from modern society, were...
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