Gods and Humans in the Iliad

Topics: Iliad, Trojan War, Greek mythology Pages: 4 (1642 words) Published: July 21, 2012
Godly colossal Greek epic, “The Iliad” constituted by the poet named, Homer, articulate the chronicle of the Brobdingnagian Trojan War. It is swarming with the interventions of the gods enchanting their coveted mortals (humans) and altering the heterogeneous scenes of the Trojan War. In this poem, gods have an assortment of relationships with humans which include love, fornication, and mother or father relationships. Gods interact with mortals in human shapes and stimulate them. Also, gods cognize that every human is eventually destined to die and they anticipate humans to pray to them for every obstacle humans encounter. However, for humans gods are omnipotent, authoritative, dominant, and immortals, who they supplicate to if they have any complications and they look forward to their craved gods to comprehend to their prayers. In addition, there are various kinds of gods in this epic who manoeuvre a very significant theatrical role in this war. Each god aid their preferable human and the justification for it could be because he/she could be the responding god’s son or daughter or the god plainly is in love with him/her. They guide humans in their hindrance work when asked for assistance. Moreover, nearly all individuals in this narrative appear to believe that most or all of their actions are already preordained and it is unfeasible to modify them. There are many culminations in this epic where we perceive that the gods are trying to preserve the fate on its destined path by intervening among humans. The Trojan War, which is the key focus of this epic, has several marvellous warriors who either have goddess as their mother or lover or god as their father. For example, Achilles, who is the ultimate warrior in Greek era, has a goddess mother named Thetis who is the wife of a mortal named Peleus. Achilles is believed to be a half mortal and half immortal due to his mother being a goddess. Achilles' goddess mother is supposed to be married to Zeus but due to a...
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