Gods and Goddess of Ancient Egypt

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Gods and Goddess of Ancient Egypt

Gods and Goddess of Ancient Egypt
Terri Cooks
Professor G.S.Wilson
HUM400008016 Religion and Philosophy
Strayer University
July 19, 2009

When looking at the past religious traditions from ancient Egypt one question should be

asked where they crazy. As I was getting familiar with the ancient Egyptians view of life and

death and renewal or rebirth from the afterlife a lot of questions still were unanswered because

their beliefs were based on myths. I have found interesting that the Egyptians were obsessed

with the afterlife and they believed that the Gods were responsible every aspect of their very


The Start of Ra

When first looking at the start of Gods and Goddess in Egypt all the stories start with Ra.

By Egyptian myths Ra is the creator of Mankind, some myths indentify Nu or Nun which is the

churning sea of chaos that existed before creation of Mankind. Out of the sea of Chaos came

the Sun god Ra. Which entails the start of the newly created gods and goddess and then


Egyptians thought it was important to recognize and worship these gods and goddesses

so that life continued smoothly. “Some gods and goddesses took part in creation, some

brought the flood every year, some offered protection, and some took care of people

after they died. Others were either local gods who represented towns, or minor gods who

represented plants or animals.”(1999,http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/gods/home.html)

All of the Egyptian gods and goddesses were identified with the nature in some kind of way with respect of the Nile River. Some had bodies of a human and head of animals or could turn into animals when it was needed as a defense mechanism. A lot of the Gods and Goddesses were worshiped by the pharaohs and they thought by living they life a certain way they would get rewarding in the afterlife. The Egyptian women would often look to the goddesses for answer. Each god and goddess had a different purpose and was thought to protect a particular organ in the human body.

The Goddesses of Egypt
The Goddess Hathor was the mother of all goddesses and goddess of all that is good in women. She was also known protector of pregnant women and was responsible for childbirth. Hathor was also responsible for music, dancing, drunkness, underworld, women, joy, motherhood, love, lighthearted pleasure, justice. (2009 http://www.shira.net/egypt-goddess.htm). Bastet was the cat goddess and protected humans against contagious diseases and evil sprits. She also was the goddess of music and joy. Ma’at was the goddess of truth and justice; she brought life after death to person that were law- abiding and death to a person that led a violent life. She also was the goddess of immortality and primordial being. Nekhebet and Uadjet were sisters and represented the cycles of birth and death, beginning and end of life. Nekhebet was depicted as a vulture and her sister Uadjet was depicted as a cobra. (2009 http://www.shira.net/egypt-goddess.htm). Isis was responsible for the institution of marriage and introduced agriculture practices like corn-grinding, flax-spinning and weaving. She also was wife to the god Osiris, mother of Horus and daughter to Nut. Nephthys was also the goddess of immortality she was personification of darkness. She also was the daughter of Nut, sister of Isis and wife of Set who was the brother of Osiris. Nephthys was said to be present at the assessment of souls, she was also said to have helped her sister reassemble Osiris when he was killed and cut into pieces by his brother Set. Nephthys was also responsible for justice, water, weather, wild birds, moon, night and the Underworld. The goddess Nut was to responsible for the sky, the heavens and mother to Nephthys and Isis. Sekhetmet was known to embody strength of a lioness, Hathor turned in Sekhemet...
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