Gods and Goddess

Topics: God, Deity, Monotheism Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: September 15, 2011
Name| God(dess) of...| Generation|
Bathala| The supreme god of the Tagalogs; creator of man and earth and addressed sometimes as Bathalang Maykapal. He dwells in Kaluwalhatian together with the lesser gods and goddesses. Aside from the lesser gods and goddesses, he sent his anitos in order to assist the daily lives of every human. When most of the natives were converted to Christianity during the Spanish Era, he was referred to the Christian God| First[A]| Amanikable| The ill-tempered god of the sea because among of the first generation gods (aside from Bathala), he was never married after his love was spurned by a beautiful mortal maiden, Maganda. In frustration, he swored vengeance against the humans by sending turbulent waves and horrible tempest in order to wreck boats and to drown men| First[B]| Idiyanale| The goddess of labor and good deeds. Natives used to call for her guidance in order to make their works successful. She married Dimangan and had two offspring| First[C][D]| Dimangan| The god of good harvest. He was married to Idiyanale and had two offspring. | First| Lakapati| The goddess of fertility and the most understanding and kind of all the deities. Also known as Ikapati, she was the giver of food and prosperity. Her best gift to mankind was agriculture (cultivated fields). Through this, she was respected and loved by the people. Later, she was married to Mapulon and had a daughter| First[E]| Mapulon| The god of seasons and husband of Lakapati of whom they had a daughter. | First| Mayari| The goddess of moon and one of the three daughters of Bathala by a mortal women. She was the most charming of all the goddesses and had two sister namely Tala and Hanan| Second[F][G]| Tala| The goddess of the stars; sister of Mayari and Hanan and one of the three daughters of Bathala by a mortal woman| Second[H]| Hanan| The goddess of morning; sister of Mayari and Tala and one of the three daughters of Bathala by a mortal...
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