Godly Woman

Topics: Christianity, Holy Spirit, Jesus Pages: 3 (1035 words) Published: April 2, 2013
A woman of beauty, a woman of grace a woman of excellence. She walks with the lord with integrity knowing her purpose and destiny. No matter what happens she walks in God’s love reflecting the beauty of the father above. A woman of compassion for the ones in the dark those that do not know God and have darkness in their hearts .A woman that will never compromise the faith with what the world may offer but will keep the narrow way .A woman who loves Jesus and follows him gladly to give up the world so his light can shine within. THAT’S MY IDEA OF A GODLY WOMAN. ACTS 16 VS 13-15

Lydia is one of my favourite woman in the bible, I don’t know whether that’s because purple is my favourite colour or because Lydia happens to be my first name. We are told very little in the bible about Lydia but basically the story is about a woman who was in the right PLACE, at the right TIME, with the right HEART, and the right ATTITUDE. God can do amazing things to men and women who are prepared to seek him. What excites me about this story is that the Holy Spirit guides Paul to Philippi and guides him to a particular woman – the right WOMAN. That’s challenging – am I, or, are you the right woman @ the right place @ the right time, with the right heart and the right attitude – READY FOR GOD TO USE? Lydia was a dealer of purple cloth and as such was probably wealthy. There is no mention of her husband so she was probably a widow as well. It is also possible that Lydia was not her real name because Lydia is a name of a place; she may have been called Lydia because she came from Lydia. Whatever her name, the most important thing is that she responded to the gospel and through her the door was opened for ministry in that region. She was the key person in the establishment and development of a church in Philippi. Why was Lydia the right woman?

A few verses show us why
* She was a woman of prayer
Verse 13 says she went to...
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