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Joanne Bradburn
Module 2 - Cayetano Santos Godino Profile.

Godino was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of eight boys. His parents Fiore and Lucia Godino were abusive alcoholics. Godino's father contracted syphilis before Godino was born, causing Godino to experience serious childhood health problems. At a very young age Godino killed cats and birds, and enjoyed playing with fire. His violent behavior and lack of interest in education caused him to jump from school to school. His first victim, two year old Miguel de Paoli, was beaten and thrown into a ditch. A near by official saw what was happening and both boys were taken to the police station where their mothers picked them up. 12 months later, Godinos next victim Ana Neri, he beat with a stone. A police officer intervened. Godino was released due to his young age. When he was 10, Godino's parents discovered his compulsive masturbation. Not knowing what to do with him, his mother told the police, resulting in a two-month jail term January 17, 1912, Godino set fire to a warehouse on Corrientes Street. When he was arrested, he told police, "I like to see firemen working. It's nice to see how they fall into the fire." January 26, 1912 Arturo Laurona 13, was found dead in an abandoned house. March 7, 1912 Godino set fire to the dress of Reyna Vaincoff who died a few days later. September 1912, Godino set fire to a railway station.

November 8, 1912 Godino tried to choke 8 year old Roberto Russo. He was arrested and released until the trail. November 16, 1912 Godino hit Carmen Ghittoni, who suffered minor wounds before a polo officer intervened. November 20, 1912 He kidnapped 2 year old Carolina Neolener who cried out and was rescued by a neighbour. He set fire to 2 large sheds later on the same month.

December 3, 1912 Jesualdo Giordano was playing outside his home when gordino approached and offered to buy him sweets. Giordano was given sweets and taken to a country house...
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