God's existence

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Most compelling evidence that made Socrates father of Western Philosopher -

Socrates, who was born in 470 BCE in Athens, Greece was acknowledged as the father of Western Philosopher with most compelling evidence. First, Socrates paved the way for his students Xenophon, Plato and the world. Definitely Socrates is believed to being the first thinker and philosopher to discuss modern moral and philosophical questions and influenced many which are still applied to today’s modern world. Secondly, “his willingness to call everything into question and his determination to accept nothing less than an adequate account of the nature of things make him the first clear exponent of critical philosophy” (Socrates). People conclude that Socrates most significant contribution to modern thinking was his method of questioning which is acknowledged as “The Socratic Method,” with five methods he analyzed philosophically. The possible methods for searching the truth as enumerated by Socrates are as follows. The method has five simple characteristics differently, which are skeptical, conversational, conceptual or definitional, empirical or inductive, and deductive. Moreover, he is widely distinguished for his humility, which shows that for one to start to learn wisdom, one must first admit one’s ignorance. The above concept is clear in his “Socratic Method” the skeptical, “It begins with Socrates' real or professed ignorance of the truth of the matter under discussion. This is the Socratic irony which seemed to some of his listeners an insincere pretense, but which was undoubtedly an expression of Socrates' genuine intellectual humility” (Socrates). However, “Is it possible for one to admit one’s ignorance?”
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